Worship Service and Sunday School Lessons

Welcome Guest

We are grateful you have chosen to worship with us today. We pray that your experience with the Lord will be a powerful one. May the Lord touch your heart in a special way today.

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Happy Mother's Day

Thank You

Your donation of food and staples for our pantry will help someone in need.

Our Sunday School Lesson Today

Sunday school lessons involve the class investigating a scripture passage and a topic for discussion. There is teaching material and a rotation of teachers for the classes. The devotional leaders will come forth as we prepare to learn more about God's Word for our life.

Food for Thought

As soon as you trust God watch what happens. As soon as you accept Jesus Christ into your life watch what happens. As soon as you allow the Holy Spirit to lead, guide and direct you watch what happens.

Reflections on FAQs

If you are thinking about it then you are almost there.  It's another beautiful day and as always life is good you just have to have something to compare it to.